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MORE LEADS - The complete handbook for Networking Groups


Do you want MORE LEADS from your tips group, leads group or networking group? How about 1,500 leads?


Are you FRUSTRATED with your group?


Do you want to be a COMPLETE NETWORKER?


Do you want to be an EFFECTIVE LEADER?




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C.D.'S will allow you to have Peter Biadasz as a speaker at your meetings and even in your car to help you get more leads. (See C.D. products page)


For other Peter Biadasz books, such as:

Powerful People Are Inspired By Powerful Athletes,

Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers, Powerful People Are Powerful Teachers, Powerful People Have Powerful Relationships, Powerful People Are Powerful IT Professionals,

Powerful People Have Powerful Chee, Powerful People Are Powerful Performers, Powerful People Lead Healthy Lifestyles, Powerful People Are Powerfully Meek and Powerful People Are Powerful Leaders,  plus...

Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score (Everything You Need To Know About Sales You Can Learn By Playing Golf)


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Feel free to go to: to hear the podcasts: 

How To Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score


How to Build Your Network

Just click on "All Podcasts"

Then click on the show you want to hear.

We will be discussing how you can increase your sales by properly utilizing the sales cycle as well as how to lower your golf score and increase your enjoyment of golf. We may even touch on doing business on the golf course. Also in discussion will be my books "More Leads", the Power Series books, and of course "Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score" as well as the forthcoming book, "Powerful People Play Powerful Golf.

The programs are hosted by Dr. Mark Maynard and Joshua Lakey on the CEO Radio Network.


to hear Adam Kovitz interview me on his Small Biz America radio show podcast regarding The Power Series Books as well as other stimulating topics.


Adam is the CEO, Founder & Publisher of The National Networker, a free online magazine that serves as a positively-charged "Consumer Reports of Networking". He is also Executive Director of the Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA) and serves on the advisory board for several networking organizations.


Total Publishing And Media


       Unpublished authors - write a book and/or a book series

       Self published authors - expand marketing and sales efforts

       Published authors - expand your body of work and/or expand marketing and sales efforts of existing work(s)

       Speakers turn your recorded presentations into books


The National Networker 

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